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FAV network "Transport and mobility"

FAV's research network provides contacts to all universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes in the region BerlinBrandenburg which deal with the topic of transport and mobility.
The company network is FAV's support offer for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) for the BerlinBrandenburg region. FAV's company network provides assistance in the definition of projects, mediation of cooperation and access to development funds at both national and European levels.

Basic performance for network members:

  • Inclusion in the development of cooperative R&D projects,
  • Support when looking for partners,
  • Mediation of contacts to customers, sponsors, trainees etc.
  • Passing on information regarding events, relevant calls etc.
  • Inclusion on databases and in advertising brochures
The interaction of the company and research network has a special significance. As FAV coordinates both networks and is aware of the members' competencies, we guarantee quick access to appropriate companies and research institutes to form problem-orientated project teams. In this manner, it is possible to realise system competence at a regional level within several areas of transport to a far higher extent than to date at regional level, naturally also involving the larger companies in the region.

The network's tasks include:
  • Strategic and operative knowledge management: FAV has the overview necessary for bundling and coordinating the region's competencies, right up to project management,
  • Targeted strengths and weaknesses analyses, accompaniment of R&D,
  • Initiation and accompaniment of knowledge transfer of science and economy,
  • Preparation of conferences of experts, symposia and discussion groups,
  • Targeted initiation of projects, their development, coordination and accompaniment up to completion,
  • Making means of and access to supportive start-up financing accessible, especially for scientific / SME innovations and new businesses,
  • Trend and scenario analyses for developing transport and mobility,
  • Policy consultancy and services in the field of transport technology and general questions pertaining to mobility,
  • Specific knowledge of:
    1. Structure of the regional, national and international networks including market-based and financial aspects,
    2. Economic and environmentally compatible concepts for the execution, organisation and financing of transport projects,
    3. International transport research policy