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About us

Within the scope of the coherent innovation strategy of the Federal State of Berlin, the Forschungs- und Anwendungsverbund Verkehrssystemtechnik Berlin (FAV) is the cluster manager for transport and mobility. It's a division of the TSB Innovation Agency Berlin GmbH.

Founded in 1997, the FAV is active as network manager and initiator of national and international projects with regional research institutes and companies. Therein, the FAV supports the involvement of the german capital region into international partnerships. The network of companies, research institutes and operators, managed by the FAV, provides assistance in the definition of projects, the development of cooperation relationships and with the access to additional subsidies at national and international level.


The FAV provides about 100 international alliances worldwide with focus on the European Union. But also beyond, the FAV cultivates alliances; for example with the Institute for Transport Policy Studies (ITPS) in Japan, the Eno Transportation Foundation Inc. in the USA and the Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology (HKUST) e.g.. These alliances enhance the further internationalisation of the BerlinBrandenburg region and support the creation of sustainable international cooperations.

The interdisciplinary FAV-team offers sound expertise in the fields of rail transport, automotive, transport telematics, logistics and aerospace technology, which constitute the cluster of transport & mobility. Furthermore, our staff members are well experienced in the area of technology-, innovation-, and network management.